In 2021 we started our sustainable initiative by accepting and re-selling used luxury pieces that our customers no longer used or needed. We call these styles pre-loved fashion. By giving a second life to beautiful children’s wear pieces, we are saving the planet and making our customers happy: you can gain money by re-selling something you do not use anymore, or save money by finding slightly used original luxury pieces for a great price. It is a win-win situation in a very fashionable way.

Why is re-use important?

To produce one t-shirt, 2700 litres of water is needed. But it’s not just water consumption that’s an issue when manufacturing clothes: carbon emission and pollution of waterways is also a major concern. If we use fashion items longer, we do not need to produce so many new items. Luxury pieces have timeless design and they are of the highest quality - it means they have all the potential to be re-used and loved for a longer time period. And kids grow out of their clothes really fast, isn't it. 

Re-use helps to diminish the environmental impact in several ways: by re-cycling we give clothes a second (or sometimes even a third of fourth) opportunity to be used. Re-cycling also means less greenhouse gases that harm the planet and when we use more re-cycled fashion, the industry will eventually change and not produce so many new pieces.

Join our sustainable mission

Pre-loved concept was born out of love for fashion and for the planet. In order to make a bigger sustainable change, we invite you to join us. Sell with us fashion items that you no longer use, and find great pre-loved styles to updated your little one's wardrobe. 

When you sell a product with us, you can opt to get money or to get credit for new luxury pieces. This means less fast fashion, but more high quality products that have a potential for longer life, will be out there. It also means that you can update your wardrobe in a diverse and fun way!